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World With No Cancer

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SOME SAY B17 CURES CANCER. Stan Earle who miraculously became a Christian in 1990 has lost some very good friends through cancer so knows the heartache of losing a loved one. Stan has received many miracles from God through praying to Jesus. Many of you already know. So have faith in God and pray to Jesus for yourself and others.

God can do anything, Jesus heals cancer so have faith. Your faith will grow by reading about Jesus in God's Word the Bible. If stan get ill he prays, if he remains sick then he goes to the doctor and takes medically prescribed drugs just like anyone else. Stan advises others to do the same and to consult a doctor if they are unwell. Recently Stan has heard of two testimonies of B17 killing cancer. One testimony was of a man who was said to have had terminal cancer and was advised by a health shop in Upminster Essex to take 30 Apricot Kernels every day spread out thoughout the day. The mans cancer left his body in a short time and the man was said to be still alive cancer free many years later.

In a book called world without cancer it said that cancer was caused through a lack of B17. What is B17. Well if you google search B17 you will get all the answers that you need.
Stan found out that fruit seeds contain B17 and especially Apricot Kernels. Two bags of Apricot Kernels as above for under £20. Stan buys his own B17 Apricot Kernels from them.

Stan earns no money from any sales. The company though another web link recommend a maximum of 15 Apricot Kernels a day. They make no promises, how can they as they would be liable. Stan says there are a number of different companies who provide Apricot Kernels so the choice is yours. You buy from the company that you feel right about.

Stan has become increasingly interested in B17 capsules & takes them himself.

As prevention is better than cure. Tell other of B17 Apricot Kernels. Laetrile is the injectable B17. Research it for yourself. It may save someone from cancer, many say it already has. .

As most of you know, the almighty has revealed to that the Holy Bible is God's Word. Its interesting to note what it says in Genesis 1 vs 29 And God said, “See, I have given you every herb that yields seed which is on the face of all the earth, and every tree whose fruit yields seed; to you it shall be for food. vs 30 Also, to every beast of the earth, to every bird of the air, and to everything that creeps on the earth, in which there is life, I have given every green herb for food”; and it was so. 31 Then God saw everything that He had made, and indeed it was very good. So the evening and the morning were the sixth day.

When we look around at the world at all that goes on in it and around it, well it isn't very good any more is it ) In the book of Genesis the Lord's Word explains to us what went so terribly wrong, and that though mans disobedience to the almighty (called sin) sickness and death came into the once perfect world that God had made. Reading the whole bible is the most enlightening thing to do in the world.

The worlds past the present and the future is all mapped out. For individuals like us. This is not fate. God gives us all choice.

The almighty reaches out to us from the Cross of the resurrected Jesus. We each need to ask for Jesus forgiveness while we can and give our lives to Him. Be born again. Hell is real and eternal and its for all unforgiven sinners. Forgiveness of sin is only in Jesus name, only Jesus can save and deliver. I trust Jesus as Lord now. Will You ?

LOOK. Oasis Of Hope Hospital in Mexico Worldwide phone number +52 664 631 6124

Helpful Links: Felicity Corbin Wheeler Oasis of Hope Hospital, Mexico uses B17.

4) Thie site is a must. Apricots from God. My Story
5) Felicity Corbin Wheeler cancer story of victory using B17.
6) B17-cancer-and-FDA book available.
7) The FDA. An interesting artical.
Part One) The Jason Vale story of how this arm wrestling champion beat cancer.
Dr. Binzel a retired doctor speaks about what has kept cancer patients alive.
Over a 90 percent success rate or so they say. What do you think?
Email Johanna Vale Jason's sister if you have any other questions.
DCA - Cancer Cure Discovered. This is amazing. You must watch this please.
There is plenty of wacky stuff on You Tube. Please beware. But DCA looks very good.

To Buy Your Own B17 Apricot Kernels.
Click Here.

If you have cancer. Then please ask for
For legal reasons and as a sense of responsibility.

Stan Earle does not recommend that you replace your conventional cancer treatment with any type of alternative cancer therapy.

Stan J Earle does not promote B17 / Laetrile, nor any of the products mentioned herein, as a cure for cancer.
The choice is up to you.

Stan's desire is for you to find out about all your options.
If you want prayer for healing then ask Stan.

Remember "With God all things are possible in Jesus name".

Stan reminds the reader: Water is necessary for life but one can die if you drink to much water every day. This is the case for most things so when you do decide to take B17 each day then be responsible, I have heard of one man who took more than 15 Apricot Kernels per day and he apparently recovered from prostate cancer. But I would personally keep to what the company itself recommend. If you don't have cancer. For cancer prevention I have heard that 1 to 3 Apricot Kernels per day is enough. Others say 3 to 5 Apricot Kernels per day spread out. Always spread them out over the day. Always remember that when healing comes to give the Glory to Jesus.

Shall we pray to God. If in your heart you are saying yes, but in your mind your thinking no, then listen to your heart. The almighty loves you. It doesn't matter what kind of life you have lived. God loves you anyway. You can be sure of this because the Holy Bible tells you so. In the almighty's righteousness He hates sin all the wrong things we have done. God is even angry with people when they sin against Him and others. But us human beings have all been created in the image of God so God loves each of us. Once anyone turns to the Lord in repentance and surrenders to Jesus in faith, then the almighty is pleased with them, because of their faith in the risen Lord Jesus.

The almighty teaches us in His Holy Bible that all have sinned and that the wages of sin is death. This means that the almighty ultimately punishes those who sin with death. Now what most people don't realize is that the person who will not repent and surrender to Jesus as Lord, they remains in their sins forever, and God remains angry with them. Yes its true that God's anger is mingled with His perfect love for them as He tries to get them to repent and turn to Him throughout their lives on earth. But after their inevitable death, the almighty promises them nothing but Judgment and eternal punishment in the lake of fire.

Now that sounds a bit harsh dose it ? No. Not when we really think about all the opportunities we have had to call on Jesus asking for forgiveness of all our sins.
Never forget this. The Bible promises in Jesus words that you and I can have all our sins completely forgiven and have absolute peace with the almighty through calling out in repentance and faith to Jesus Christ. But it has to happen before we die.
In short. Sin is the breaking of God's Laws found recorded in the Holy Bible. We have all broken them to a lesser or greater degree.

This in turn means we all need the almighty's forgiveness and a brand new life in Him. Not believing that there is a crash helmet law in the UK will not change the outcome when we get pulled over by the police. Not believing in the need of God's forgiveness and thinking that we don't need Jesus as our savoir will likewise not change the outcome when we all inevitably sooner or latter die. Not believing in the crucified and risen savior Jesus Christ changes nothing except the persons eternal destiny. Simply put.

Believers show their faith by their action of repentance and surrender to Jesus as their Lord God and savior. Believers receive forgiveness of sins and eternal life in heaven by living in Christ by faith while they are on the earth. They are saved by faith in Jesus and not by their human achievements or good works. Do you remember me quoting the Holy Bible saying that the wages of sin is death well it also says that the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus. Will you receive this priceless gift from the almighty. The gift of eternal life in Christ Jesus ?

Why don't we pray together now.
From our Heart we pray. Heavenly Father, Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. You are the one and only true living God in three eternal persons. The God of Israel the God of all Creation. Please forgive all my sins the breaking of your laws. I repent and turn from sin and living for myself. I now surrender to you to serve you for all eternity. Thank you Jesus for coming to the earth and dying on the cruel cross for all my sins. You shed your sinless blood for me, you washed my sins away through the blood that you shed at Calvary. You paid the death penalty that I deserve to pay. Jesus you are my everything. Your Holy Scriptures tell the world that you arose physically from the dead on the third day and were seen by many. This I also believe. Lord Jesus I give my whole life to you. Come into my life and save me from my sins. Jesus from now on I confess you as my Lord and my God.
Whether I live till I am 1010 or whether you take me home to be with you right now. I will praise and worship you forever. You have become my first love. Your mercy washes over me, your are full of grace and truth, your love wells up inside of me giving me a thankful heart.
Come Lord Jesus Come. Amen.

Concerning B17. This a copy of an e-mail from the apricot shop who sells the B17 Capsules.
Hello Stan,
In answer to your questions.

1) None of our Kernel products are boiled
2) The Contents of the Capsules are ground up Apricot kernels from the same source as our raw kernels and each capsule contains approximately one and one half kernels.
3) The reason that you have to chew the whole kernels is that they do not digest very well when they are swallowed whole..ut up with the bitter taste that they would from chewing the whole kernels. Also the capsules are of the kind that are not manufactured from animal products they are veg based.
4) As the capsules are in a ground form they break down fairly quickly in the stomach.
I hope the above answers your questions, if I can be of any further help please do let me know.Kind regards,
To buy B17 Kernel capsules click here.


And Prostate Cancer so the artical on the left tells us.

Glory to God for revealing this to man.
And thank God for the doctors who are using it.
Apricot Kernels are best taken with raisins or some other fruit then they taste nice. Julie and I both take Apricot Kernels most days as its the easiest way to have our diets high in b17
Note for legal reasons and as a position of responsibility Stan & Julie Earle does not promote B17 / Laetrile, nor any of the products mentioned herein, as a cure for cancer.
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