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Healing Testimony by Stan Earle.
On a Saturday afternoon in the month of June 2008 Jesus healed my knees.
As an ex competitive bodybuilder I had suffered a hip injury in 1996, training in Stan's Gym with Daniel Leviene, a young powerlifter,we were using the maximum weight on a leg press machine.

I had been getting sets of 8 reps and Daniel had been getting sets of 15 reps, with my competitive nature, I was putting everything into each rep, when suddenly in between sets, my right hip began to really hurt.

I thought, what has happened, and immediately started to pray for Jesus to heal me for my next set. Over the next few hours the pain began to set in and over the next few years I had to get used to limping with bad hip pain and sciatica going right down ito my right foot.
I continued to follow Jesus as my Lord and Saviour, just as I had done since Jesus saved me by God's amazing grace in April 1990.

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I was just following Jesus with a limp. Laying down at night with my hip hurting I began to think, O well this is it. Then our Lord reminded me that due to my faith in Jesus, that one day I would be made whole in the resurrection of the righteous.
It was at this time my wife Julie and I had started a Christian outreach in South Ockendon Essex, walking from our house delivering gospel leaflets, inviting people to church, also delivering audio tapes with my testimony on, doing everything I was led to do, to reach those who do not yet know or understand the wonderful saving grace of God through Jesus Christ our Crucified and risen Saviour. Limping along I prayed, Lord heal my hip so that I can do your work without pain. In time our Lord answered my prayer and took the pain out of my hip and healed my sciatica nerve pain. Wonderful healer Jesus.

Ok I ought to say Jesus had took the pain away because I still have to be a little careful not to overdo it. I was then able to begin to train legs again in the gym, now I was soon to realize that all that inactivity due to my bad hip, had caused some very bad knee deteriation. Now my knees hurt, even when walking up stairs, or getting out of the chair, or when I ran. Jumping around was definitely out. Once I began to lift weights, my knees had pains, as if there was something sharp in both knees, grinding, stopping there smooth movement. This pain eased with the use of cod liver oil and joint tablets, but it was still there. Even after around a year of taking cod liver oil etc my knees were so bad that I couldn't play football with our children without bad pain, I could run without bad pain, my knees had had it. Obviously I had prayed to Jesus, asking for healing, and I had each time believed that I was healed. I had asked other Christian ministers to pray for me, my wife Julie my children, but still they hurt. Anyway, as I continued in my walk with Jesus, testifying to God's saving grace and His healing power, due to the fact that Jesus had also healed my left shoulder on the night Jesus saved me. My wife Julie and I began to pray for us to find a music teacher for our daughter. One day we had a leaflet put through our door, and my wife Julie and I thought we would phone and ask about the music lessons. Now our prayer requirement had been that my daughters music teacher would be able to teach Christian music, so that my daughter could worship Jesus as she played.

WOW. I phoned the number, and after introducing myself to the music teacher and explaining my requirements, the ladies name was Betty. I was quickly praising Jesus, because Betty had been saved by Jesus herself, along with her husband Alan Ting. Well over the next year or so, our sister in the Lord, Betty taught our daughter and it was great. During this time we were led to begin to have Christian services in Stan's Gym Chapel on fridays at 7-30pm. We didn't have anybody to lead the praise and worship of God, so I asked Betty, praise Jesus, Betty had spoken to her husband Alan, they both agreed to come and lead praise and worship. It was a great evening, we were all touched by our Lord's Spirit, we heard the Word of God, and we broke bread, all glory to God for saving us.

Many months later, I was taking my daughter to her weekly music lesson, when as I was entering Alan and Betty's house to pick my daughter up, I heard our Lord speak to my spirit, ask for prayer for your knees. I continued to walk in and saw Betty, after saying hi.
I asked, can you pray for my knees and back. Betty praised Jesus and said, I will go and get Alan, as he has a healing ministry through Jesus. Betty went and got Alan and we said hi, Alan then sat me down and began to ask, and listen to my story, and to find out what hurt. After a short while, Alan beckoned me to stand in the center of their lounge, even as I stood up, my knees hurt, and my back.

As moved by God's Holy Spirit we all started praying to Jesus. Alan bent down and put his hands on my knees and began to pray for Jesus to heal me. Betty was praying and prophesying over me, and I was just drenched in God's Holy Spirit, crying to Jesus in thankfulness. Alan kept praying and in Jesus name speaking be healed in Jesus name over my knees. They were both proclaiming the Holy Scriptures promises. "By the stripes of Jesus you are healed". I was so thankful to Jesus. After a while Alan asked me to bend down and see what my knees felt like. I was so blessed, I was a little scared to bend down, just in case my knees still hurt. Anyway by faith I bent down and stood back up again, Alan and Betty asked, well how are they. I said they are a little better, but they still hurt. Alan got straight back to the laying on of his hands on my knees and Alan continued to ask Jesus to heal me. Betty continued to pray and speak out God's promises over my life, and I continued to receive God's love and His Holy Spirits blessings. I was thanking Jesus for healing me, and recommitting my life afresh to His service, thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus, I kept thanking Him for saving me and for all the things that Jesus had done for me.

After what seemed to be about 10 or 15 minutes standing in the presence of almighty God, filled with His Glory. Alan said to me, now what are your knees like. A bent down and stood up, and they didn't hurt. The grinding pain had gone. Glory to God. This was the day that Jesus healed my knees. From that day I have kept thanking Jesus for healing me, and now about three weeks later, my knees are stronger than ever. I have been back weight training my legs, and I have been enjoying no grinding sharp pains. Its great to be able to walk up stairs again, carrying one of our sons, and having power in my legs, without pain. Its brilliant to be able to jump about without the fear of my legs buckling do to any sharp pains. Even to play football with our sons or our daughter, all without sharp pains. Isn't Jesus amazing. Within just a few weeks of Jesus healing my knees I was back doing full squats with 300 1bs for one rep. No more knee pain. Praise God I was obedient to God's prompting. Ask for prayer.
Its now April 2013 and by now over the years I have done a lot of leg work in the gym, heavy leg press, leg extensions, leg curls, etc. I have been enjoying our 7 minute seven bunch bag combat circuit and all without any knee pain. All glory and all praise to Jesus.

Why don't you ask for prayer today, Jesus can save, heal and deliver, there is nothing impossible with God. Why don't you pray to Jesus for yourself right now. In 1990 I did, and after repenting and asking Jesus for forgiveness, I cry ed, Jesus take my life. Then I prayed Jesus heal my shoulder so that I can do what you know I want to do. At that moment by the grace of God, Jesus saved me and healed me. I was born again of the Holy Spirit. Healed and delivered. Since that Sunday morning at around 3 am I have never been the same. I just want to serve Jesus with my new life, and encourage others to believe. Jesus saved me from the consequences of my sins that would have took me to the fires of hell. God is as real as you are, turn to Jesus yourself, as we have all broken God's Laws, and need His forgiveness in Jesus to enter Heaven. I do hope that I have explained myself well enough, so that you will become as I am today. Saved by the grace of God in Jesus name.
My wife Julie and I are available to pray for you if you email us. We both send you our love in Jesus name.

Jesus said 'Have Faith in God'.

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